Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stars of the Wedding II

Maid of Honor: Kate Semon

Known in Hollywood circles as the Meryl Streep of maid-of-honorees, we are lucky to have Kate on board for this project. While Kate normally busies herself with more important scientific endeavors in exotic locales, we were able to convince her that our May 16th screwball comedy might help her from being typecast as a just another cute and brainy marine biologist.

Mary Catherine takes credit for discovering this starlet while both were freshmen at UGA. Together they cultivated a shared passion for brunch, and especially the biscuits at Five Star Day Café. They briefly considered transferring to Tech when their demands that UGA give full department status to Brunch Studies were met with silence.

Only hardcore fans know that she sang lead vocals, backed by Mary Catherine on the triangle, in their avant-garde but ill-fated dorm rock band. Kate also saved us all by being the first discourage Mary Catherine from ever singing in public.

When not serving as Mary Catherine’s Maid of Honor (or “MOH” as coined in the Patrick Dempsey star vehicle Made of Honor), Dr. Semon splits her time between the Smithsonian Marine Station in Ft. Pierce, FL and coral reefs of Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and the Florida Keys.

Kate studies population dynamics in coral reefs, occasionally herding teams of young volunteers along the beach for endless hours of collecting samples. This experience will prove immensely valuable on Mary Catherine and Matt’s wedding day as she deftly ensures that everyone makes it safely down the aisle and over to the reception.

In addition to being a successful scientist, Kate has a creative side as well. Her Halloween costumes are unparalleled, with recent turns as a statue and Sylvia Plath.

It will be easy to spot Kate at the wedding – look for the woman in the aloe dress with a great sense of style!

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  1. aw shucks...i'm so flattered by them nice words. :)
    and be ready - i'm going to be breaking tradition and giving a MOH speechy-toast!!! somebody's gotta embarrass MC....