Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post your favorite wedding pictures!

Hi Everyone,

We're back in Oakland and still reflecting on the awesome time we had last week. We've created a group room on snapfish, so everyone can share pictures with each other.

You will need to create a snapfish account to login, or you can e-mail Matt ( to get his username and password. We can't wait to see all of the wonderful pictures from the week!


MC and Matt

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dad and Step-Dad to the Bride and Groom: The Shocking Truth.

The Carl and Richard most of us know appear to be mild-mannered men of science. Ask them any question about laser physics or voice-recognition technology, and they will talk for hours, blessing you with details about how ultraviolet light refracts when passed through crystal fibers, or how sound waves can be descrambled into text. But ask them about their pasts and details are scarce. To their own children, their origins have been shrouded in mystery. Until now.

Based on his late father Ken’s legendary status as a rogue agent in the C.I.A., Matt recently gained access to sealed documents and photos of the pair never before made public. The shocking truth is that when these two “met” in 2006, their feigned expressions of unfamiliarity belied a long history. In fact, Richard and Carl have been P.I.C.’s (“Partners-In-Crime”) for decades – and their experiences together shaped the men we see today.

How they met remains a mystery, but the two appear to have first surfaced as adults in 1950s Manhattan. Wary of publicity, the duo combined talents to publish beat poems under the pen-name Mort Snoot. Details from this period are few, but sources close to the two claim that in 1956 they penned their magnum opus - a poem called 'Hoot', exploring the human condition with a raw and vulgar vibrancy never before put to page. However, shortly after they hit the Greenwich streets to celebrate with vanilla cokes, their roommate Al collected the manuscript pages lying about and disappeared with them – later publishing their masterpiece sans the 18-page chapter that explored the primordial power of boogers. Young Richard, while devastated, was not surprised. Al had shown little regard for their free spirits, and had repeatedly warned them to stop leaving their shoes in the living room and their papers lying around. The lesson would remain with Richard for life.

Disenchanted with the word revolution, they yearned for something tangible. As shown in this never-before-seen photo, separate paths led them to the Cuban tropical forest. Both were attracted to le revolucion by the retro jungle outfits and promises by young Fidel of “s'mores” prepared with single-plantation 90% cacao chocolate. Tension rose to the surface for the first time in their relationship when Ricardo snagged the last hat. Claiming that the "hat was the best part,” Carlos had had enough, and disappeared into the dense wilderness.

Having tasted the spartan life of a revolutionary, Carl set his sights on Hollywood. Now known as Carl Welles-Fellini, he found himself directing critically acclaimed but commercially unviable films like the 1959 classic “Son of Godzilla and Mothra vs. the Blob.” Struggling to write a hit, Carl called on his P.I.C. in hopes of capturing lightning in a bottle once again. Carl’s then fiancĂ© Marilyn was awestruck by Richard. She spent days by the pool, entranced by glimpses of Richard’s glistening pectorals as he emerged from his afternoon swim. Again, details from this period are murky. To this day, Hollywood dramas involving love triangles occupy a soft spot in Carl’s tender heart. Hence, the boxed sets of Dawson’s Creek that decorate the Plunkett media library.

Passport control records from Dover, England indicate that Richard next surfaced in Liverpool under the name Ricky Schlectington. There he eked out a life entertaining pub patrons with blistering renditions of barbershop classics from his violin. Convinced that the future of music lay in rock bands fronted by master fiddlers, Ricky gathered four lost souls to provide back-up. Spellbound by Ricky’s radical hairstyle, Carl invited the group to premiere in the U.S. on “Rockin’ Sockin’ hits with Mr. P” - his nascent evening variety show broadcast from his Atlanta basement. No video of the performance exists, but stagehands from the era claim that Carl insisted Ricky drop the four long-haired freeloaders and join him in a duet. By order of the FCC, neither has been broadcast live since.

According to their file, the record is blank until five years later. A former NASA official recently came forward with shocking proof that the Apollo 11 mission was a do-over. The first attempt was apparently doomed by two of the astronauts. Only fragments of tape from the black box remain:

[Astronaut 1]: How come Carl gets the window?
<4 minutes, 38 seconds inaudible>
[Astronaut 2]: Stop looking at me! Michael, Richard won’t stop look <inaudible> me.
[Astronaut Collins]: Don’t think I won’t turn this rocket around right now!
<end tape>

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wedding All Access Pass

The Women Behind the Bride and Groom

Move over Charlie’s Angels. Full throttle or not, you are no match for Beth, Susan and Carol. This trio always manages to “TCB” (Take Care o’ Bidness) without the help of guns or feathered hair (though perms have aided their ascent from time to time).

Contrary to urban myth, Matt did not arrive on earth in his now familiar state of physical and mental perfection after a cosmic journey from Krypton. And Mary Catherine’s adult form is not in fact a spontaneous mystical creation from the clay surrounding Themyscira (that would be Wonder Woman, but it’s an easy mistake to make). No, the bride and groom were molded to their current state of flawlessness by a cadre of hot moms.

Matt’s dual matrons span both coasts, with his step mom Carol running the family estate in Herndon, VA and his mom Susan ruling the Silicon Valley hacienda with an iron fist.


Carol hails from the metropolis of Paducah, Kentucky – home to Slim’s bbq sandwiches and her alma mater, the proud Loan Oak Purple Flash. Aside from the occasional “y’all”, Carol’s Kentucky accent has all but disappeared after years of working in the sleepy backwater community known as Washington DC. Carol works as an expert in information technology and puts her skills to use keeping America’s enemies at bay. Next time the threat level rises from pastel to neon, you can be sure Carol is on the job. When she needs a break from protecting the free world, she and her beau Bob suit up in black leather and hit some curvy Virginia back-country roads on their Harley.

Matt would not be the refined stud he is today without Carol’s help. She stayed up many nights making sure that when Matt went on a sleepwalking adventure, he didn’t end up in the Potomac. And Matt may have remained the lazy slob he so aspired to be had Carol not thrust him into his first two glamorous jobs (deck-carpentry-assistant and K-Mart associate). Despite her humble demeanor, her inner circle also knows that Carol is a master craftswoman in the meticulous art of scrapbooking. The creative whirlwinds turned out from her home studio inspired the wedding invitations you all saw. Who knew there were special scissors to cut out paper ocean waves??


Despite growing up near the shores of Lake Monona in Wisconsin, Matt’s mom Susan is a true northern California chick. She will be easy to spot at the wedding – just look for the lady hopping from one guest to the next in a valiant effort to turn Georgia from a red to blue state one person at a time. Susan has always been (and remains) far ahead of her time. She is the first to admit that she was dweebazoid before dweebazoid was cool. Despite serious concerns that she was not spending enough time cultivating a decent prom date, Susan was happy to be both uber-nerdy and athletic when she bolted Madison for a scholarship to Macalaster College - where she rocked the bagpipes.

As her colleagues at Cisco will tell you, there are few subjects that leave Susan incapable of dropping some serious knowledge. This comes in very handy, but beware, if knowledge needs to be dropped it will be – there is no stopping the flow. Her areas of expertise include: scientific evidence proving the importance of a good night’s sleep, the Myers-Briggs personality type indicators, and fru-fru left-wing California food/anti-oxidant/yoga type stuff. Susan can rightfully take credit for many of Matt’s finer points, given that she nudged him into almost every new thing he ever tried. She is guilty of some colossal swings-and-misses though. Most notably, when she pleaded in the 1980s for Matt to read books instead of comics, she did not foresee how cool a thirty-something with a massive comic collection would appear to the 2009 world.


Born and raised in the South, Mary Catherine's mom Beth is a true Southern Belle with the cred (you can't get much more belle than being a Kappa Delta at the University of Alabama) to prove it. Hailing from several small towns across the fine state of Alabama, Beth defines Southern hospitality. And maybe thanks to her finishing school stint in Boston, she also packs a CEO-worthy TCB quiver next to her arsenal of charisma. Lucky for the wedding party attendees, Beth has attempted to educate her daughter on the proper etiquette required for an afternoon spring wedding.

Beth brings her Southern charm to the classroom, where she inspires her 5th graders with the awesomeness of... math. Yes, only a true Southern belle could captivate a room of eleven year olds with talk of improper fractions and solving for x. It’s not at all surprising that Mary Catherine turned out so freakishly awesome, because Beth brings a passion to all the things she loves. If you find yourself in the greater Atlanta area on a fall Saturday and hear screams that pulse through your body, there is a 90% chance that Beth just reacted to an incredible spin-move by the Alabama tailback. And if you want to see what kind of perfection true skill, charm and passion can combine to create – beg Beth to make her chocolate cake!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stars of the Wedding II

Maid of Honor: Kate Semon

Known in Hollywood circles as the Meryl Streep of maid-of-honorees, we are lucky to have Kate on board for this project. While Kate normally busies herself with more important scientific endeavors in exotic locales, we were able to convince her that our May 16th screwball comedy might help her from being typecast as a just another cute and brainy marine biologist.

Mary Catherine takes credit for discovering this starlet while both were freshmen at UGA. Together they cultivated a shared passion for brunch, and especially the biscuits at Five Star Day Café. They briefly considered transferring to Tech when their demands that UGA give full department status to Brunch Studies were met with silence.

Only hardcore fans know that she sang lead vocals, backed by Mary Catherine on the triangle, in their avant-garde but ill-fated dorm rock band. Kate also saved us all by being the first discourage Mary Catherine from ever singing in public.

When not serving as Mary Catherine’s Maid of Honor (or “MOH” as coined in the Patrick Dempsey star vehicle Made of Honor), Dr. Semon splits her time between the Smithsonian Marine Station in Ft. Pierce, FL and coral reefs of Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and the Florida Keys.

Kate studies population dynamics in coral reefs, occasionally herding teams of young volunteers along the beach for endless hours of collecting samples. This experience will prove immensely valuable on Mary Catherine and Matt’s wedding day as she deftly ensures that everyone makes it safely down the aisle and over to the reception.

In addition to being a successful scientist, Kate has a creative side as well. Her Halloween costumes are unparalleled, with recent turns as a statue and Sylvia Plath.

It will be easy to spot Kate at the wedding – look for the woman in the aloe dress with a great sense of style!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stars of the Wedding

Best Man: George Korniotis

George will be featured in a supporting role on May 16th. But, as anyone who has experienced an event with Sir George will testify, he is a stage-hogger of leading man proportions.

From an early age, George hoped to be anointed with best man honors. When it turned out that Matt’s neighbor’s dog had a prior commitment on the 16th, George was indeed tapped. He is rumored to be preparing a toast so scintillating that it will send shockwaves through the Plunkett-Johnson community.

“Giorgos” hails from the ancient island civilization of Cyprus. Like the South, Cyprus is famous for its bbq, but mostly for its bbq’d cheese – Haloumi. His island also witnessed the birth of Venus and (several centuries later) the rise of Michalos the Great, George’s father. M-t-G recently fulfilled an ancient prophecy of the Cypriot people when he forged the great ring-of-power that now adorns Mary Catherine’s hand.

Matt met George in the first days of graduate school. When George was a gritty tank commander in the Cypriot army, the music of Gloria Estefan and Whitesnake inspired him to chase his dreams in the U.S.A. When he mentioned this, Matt immediately realized George could benefit greatly from his tutelage. George quickly immersed himself in the lexicon of the California coast, and now places “dude” between every sentence.

By day, George works tirelessly at the Federal Reserve in DC to save our economy from collapse. For a small fee, he may be willing to whisper in Bernanke’s ear to apply some TARP money to your mortgage. George has been mentioned in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and has penned barn-burning page-turners published with enticing exotic titles like “Estimating Panel Models with Internal and External Habit Formation.” By night, he trades his Brooks Brothers for Prada and hits the town.

Few know that George is also a master in the ancient martial art of Budokon. We suspect that he does it mostly for the cool black outfit.

By the way, George knows of no embarrassing stories about Matt, so there’s no point in asking him. The wedding is a rare public appearance for the normally reclusive star, so consider yourselves lucky.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Countdown to St. Simons - Jekyll Island

If you're looking for things to do during your stay, consider visiting Jekyll Island. It's right next door to St. Simons and is home to the famously exclusive Jekyll Island Club where, in 1910, bankers met in secret to create the Federal Reserve.

Matt recommends Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World if you want to learn more.

Jekyll Island is also home to the highly competitive Annual Plunkett Family Putt-Putt tournament!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Epworth by the Sea

We're having the wedding at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons. The Lovely Lane chapel is the oldest church on the island.